Welcome at Zsteel Art

I am Franchesca Cabañas, born 1970 in Manilla, Philippines.

Together with my friends I design and create the metal frameworks that accentuate your paintings/artwork.

We already make ‘strange’ creations from steel like our little daughter’s tree house, made out of a steel tree with a woodhouse in the top.

The fact that modern artwork has no frame or has oldfashioned (wooden) frames inspired me to make my own style which I believe is never seen before.

The idea is to build every frame in a different style, color or size to design something unique for every one and to accommodate every piece of art imaginable.

We try our best to design the frame to the artwork you need a frame for. For example if you have a brown piece of artwork I could build a frame in cortensteel which has a natural rusteffect. That we cover in a matte transparant laquer for durability. The brown rust-colors accentuate your artwork.

Our creativity is endless, please see our website and try us!

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